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Empowering Leaders for the Future

We empower leaders to make a real difference — for the individual, the organization, and the world. Our passion is to equip leaders with tools that will help them succeed today and into the future. 


Our Services in Leadership Development

Strategic Leadership Development

Effective leadership is key to success in a complex world. Let us help your organization get to the next level – with strategic advice and hands-on support in your daily operations.

Development of Management Teams

Effective management teams enable organizational success. Turn strategy into results in a collaborative effort by strengthening your management team.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching gives managers the right skills to reach their fullest potential. Coaching is a powerful and flexible option to strengthen leadership within the organization.

Porträttfoto av Johan Lundberg, vd och grundare av Devum
"I believe that people are the solution to many of the challenges that organizations, and the world, face today. Our efforts focus on our unique human qualities, transforming potential into success.”

Johan Lundberg

VD och grundare av Devum

Building strategies for the future

There is a competitive advantage to organizations that use effective strategies for their leadership development. Get to the next level with strategic advice and hands-on support in your daily operations.

Custom strategies to meet your needs

There’s no magic behind creating successful leadership development. By identifying your organization's needs, we design strategies custom-tailored to your goals.

Devum invests in future leaders

Devum wants to play a part in creating a better world, beyond our services. We compensate for 100% of our carbon emissions, and donate five percent of our profits to organizations that contribute to sustainable development.

Träd i kvällsljus i frodig skog utomlands.

About Us

Imagine a world where people expand their human potential. Where they change the world for the better. It's not a utopia. It is a requirement for future leaders to navigate a complex world. 

Since 2019, Devum has offered leadership development to Swedish and international organizations. The company was founded by Johan Lundberg, a licensed psychologist, to inspire organizations to invest in strategic leadership development with measurable results.

We want leaders to reach their fullest potential so they can make a difference – for the individual, the organization, and the world. By working together, we equip leaders for the future.

leaders have grown their professional capacity with Devum.
Leaders from +40 countries have strengthened their skills with Devum.
Devum has +10 years of international experience in leadership development.

"Johan is one of the brightest and most motivated consultants I have met in my 15 years in the field. He comes across as very knowledgeable and business oriented."

Rudi Myrvang

– Chairman of the Board, Cut-e Nordic

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